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We offer the highest quality, experienced and knowledgable Stroud rug cleaners. Your rug will be deep cleaned at our dedicated Rug Spa, with the use of  specialist equipment and solutions combined with our in depth knowledge of rug construction and fibre to produce outstanding results.

Many companies offer an in home clean however this simply removes the top layer of the soiling to temporarily improve appearance, we have the facilities to deep wash the rug and dry it quickly and efficiently providing a long lasting fresh and thorough clean.

Our Rug Cleaning Process


Some rugs will not be suitable for the below process, but that is where our knowledge and experience will come in and an alternative method more suited to your rug will be employed. All of our processes provide a deep clean while remaining safe for your rug.

By thoroughly examining your rug we are able to identify its origin and construction in order to adopt the correct cleaning method to ensure it is cleaned safely, as standard we would make a note of any existing issues or aspects that require extra treatment on your customer care form and discuss them with you.

Using our Hepa filtered commercial vacuum system we carefully vacuum your rug in 4 directions to remove as much of the surface soiling as possible.

Your rug is placed on a grid face down and specialist rug dusting machinery is used on the reverse side in order to gently beat out all embedded soiling and dust trapped in the base that cannot be removed by vacuuming alone. The gentle motion of the machine removes even compacted soiling which has built up over time. This is a vital process as wet cleaning a rug without dusting it simply turns all the dry soiling into a ‘soup’ which will resurface during drying.

Each rug will be subjected to a testing procedure in order to ensure the dyes used are colour fast, many woven rugs use vegetable dye or similar which requires the use of an alternative solution to prevent dye migration or running. This stage is an important part of guaranteeing your rug has the safest clean possible.

Providing your rug is suitable for wet cleaning (as decided in Step 1) the rug will be submersion cleaned in our specially designed rug pit. The pit is filled with water, the rug placed in it and then the appropriate cleaning solution applied and agitated in gently using another machine, or in some cases by hand should the rug be fragile, this process is carried out on both the front and rear of the rug.

At this point we again visually inspect the rug and any spots or stains that have not been removed will be treated with a solution from our specifically formulated selection.

Fringes can often be part of the base fibre of the rug and require individual treatment, at this stage they are gently cleaned by hand.

All soiling, solution and debris is flushed from your rug using a constant flow of water in our rinsing pit, this makes sure that any contaminants are rinsed away (such as pet accidents, spills etc). After flushing the majority of the remaining water is forced out using a rug roller.

This is a vital step that sets us aside from most other local companies, we roll your rug up and place it in our specially imported rug cleaning centrifuge, a 4.2m long rug spin dryer. Once in motion further clean water is added to the centrifuge until the water coming out is clear indicating all soiling and contaminants have been successfully removed. The water supply is then stopped and the centrifuge left to run to remove all remaining water. Once removed from the centrifuge the rug will be almost dry avoiding all problems associated with leaving a rug wet for too long.

Your rug will now be placed in our temperature controlled dehumidified drying area to quickly remove all remaining moisture. During the drying process your rug will be hand groomed to align all fibres correctly and straighten fringes where applicable enhancing the finished appearance.

Once dry we will again inspect your rug to make sure it’s the cleanest it can be, that way we guarantee your satisfaction, it is then Hepa vacuumed again, rolled and packaged in a protective cover ready to be delivered back to you at your convenience.

Over 20 Years Experience

Rugs act as filters in your home, trapping even fine dust which builds up over time, by bringing your rug back to our spa we can put it through a 11 step rug cleaning procedure to remove even deep down soiling and leave it truly fresh.

We clean Oriental Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Afghan Rugs, Persian Rugs, Indian Rugs, Chinese Rugs, as well as all modern rugs, whether they are woven, tufted, hand knotted or machine made from wool, silk, viscose, or acrylic we will select the correct process to give you optimum results. Let us take the hassle away with our collection and delivery service making the whole process as convenient as possible for you.

Ecoclean pride ourselves in being the highest quality, professional and experienced Stroud Rug Cleaners.


Our cleaning process is suitable for a range of different types of rugs including

  • Oriental rugs
  • Area rugs
  • Cotton rugs
  • All man made fibres

*if you’re not sure if your rug can be cleaned, please don’t hesitate to call us

It will generally take 10 days from start to finish to thoroughly clean your rug to our high standards as we need to go through each step of our cleaning process outlined on the ‘cleaning procedure’ page of the web site. We tend to have ‘Dusting days’ and ‘Washing days’ for example separate. So one day we will spend the whole day ‘Dusting’ any number of rugs and then the following day will spend the whole day washing so as not to rush any single process leaving margins for error.

We can guarantee that it will be thoroughly washed and cleaned to a standard that cannot be equalled, but unfortunately some staining will not remove. Mainly hot tea or coffee, or anything that has any dyes or colouring in such as take away curries, fizzy drinks such as lucozade etc.

Yes, we can remove soot deposits and odours for fire damaged rugs. We can also clean and reshape water damaged rugs. We can resolve many dye bleeding issues depending on the severity.

Restore your Rugs to their former glory!

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I am amazed. A very nice chap came to collect my doggy smelly rug. He has just brought it back. Looks and smells amazing. Can’t recommend enough!


Just had my rug cleaned by eco clean and the results are amazing the rug was stained badly and it looks brand new again.


Our lovely rugs had never been cleaned and I heard that Ecoclean had got a new 'rug spa' so I booked them in for a pamper day 🙂 They have come back all fresh and looking like new so I handed the guys the next 2 to do. Thank you for the excellent service!


This is the second time we've had our rug back back from Ryan... Honestly amazing! Looks like new, and smells so fresh! The living room looks bright and clean again.