Rug Cleaning


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Standard Rug Washing Service - Synthetic Rugs

Dusting, pre-washing, rinsing in a centrifuge, drying, final treatment.

Additional Services / Treatments

Restores the fibres protective coating to maintain their appearance for longer and allow for easier spot removal between professional washings.

Professional and effective treatment to help remove almost any unpleasant odour.

Effective treatment to remove infestation and protect the rug from future attacks.

End and sided stabilisation repairs to help prevent further loss (primarily in hand-knotted rugs). Re-gluing loose/weak backing/edges.

  • Reduces the risk of slips or trips from rugs or mats.
  • Help maintain the appearance of a rug for the duration of its lifetime.
  • Stop the rug or mat from slipping on smooth floors and creeping on carpets.
  • Stop rug or mat from curling at the corners and pushing against furniture.
  • Stop abrasion on timber or delicate floor surfaces.
  • Provides extra cushioning.
60 x 120£12
70 x 140£26
120 x 180£32
92 x 150£21
170 x 240£55
92 x 300£42

Luxury Hand Wash Service. Wool, Silk, Viscose, Oriental & Hand-knotted Rugs